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What sets Key Media Solutions apart from the crowd?

We know how businesses in ICT-based industries work, so we can better collaborate with you. We can create not just the accurate messaging you need but the kind of creative content that guides your audience along the paths you need them to take.

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Key Media Solutions offers the full package – everything you could need to turn your ideas into the high production value images and video assets which will attract the interest of talent and investors, and actually, sell your products and services.

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You can’t just turn on the camera and shoot a masterpiece. True production quality requires careful planning and meticulous preparation. You already have a vision for your project, and one of our first tasks is to understand that vision properly. 


Key Media Solutions has the equipment, knowledge and raw talent we need to turn your concepts into something real. We bring a wide array of talents to the table, from wizards with a camera and experienced editors to experts in marketing, content creation and even web development… Everyone we need to take your vision and really run with it. 

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Now that all the lines have been delivered, footage has been shot, the animations rendered and the sounds have been recorded, we blend it into a truly coherent whole. The right editing techniques can turn a pile of dissociated footage and assets into a beautiful whole. We train editors to be storytellers, not just technicians. They deliver experiences, not just videos. 

Live Streaming

The days of live TV are back – just on the internet. We can help you live stream an event, production or just about anything else via social media, your own website or any video conferencing solution. – We can help you reach out to a global audience with ease, sharing video and audio with an unlimited audience over Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Vimeo or YouTube, or deliver live streaming and view-on-demand capabilities directly to your website.

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