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You need a video production agency that understands the ICT industry in detail.

The Software, Technology and Communications industries aren’t like any others out there, and they demand a specialist media agency. Key Media Solutions specialises in helping ICT-based clients reach their own markets and B2B partners, without wasting time, effort or money on strategies or gimmicks that just don’t work in their industry.

Key Media Solutions calls upon decades of experience, drawn not just from the entertainment, media and marketing industries but from the ICT world itself. 

Our specialities are photography, cinematography, post-production services and the production of live broadcasts – live streaming. We’re here to create the visual content the ICT industry needs, and to deliver content that aligns with your brand values, promotes awareness of everything that you have to offer and actually generates a significant return on your marketing investment.

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We know how businesses in ICT-based industries work, so we can better collaborate with you. We can create not just the accurate messaging you need but the kind of creative content that guides your audience along the paths you need them to take.

Every project we undertake is delivered by an experienced production team that values customer service and communication as highly as they do their artistic and technical expertise. In short, we have the people and the tools to not only get the job done right, but to keep you actively involved every step of the way.

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