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Aerial and Drone Photography
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Immersive Technologies
You need a video production agency that understands the ICT industry in detail.

Key Media Solutions has the equipment, knowledge and raw talent we need to turn your concepts into something real. We bring a wide array of talents to the table, from wizards with a camera and experienced editors to experts in marketing, content creation and even web development… Everyone we need to take your vision and really run with it.

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True Cinema-Tography

The cutting edge of cinematography is where art meets science and technology. Our cinematographers have what it takes to use the newest and most advanced techniques to deliver exquisite results.

Aerial and Drone Photography

Many of our projects have made use of aerial cinematography, and we have both the pilots and the specialist editing staff to make the best use of this technique.

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Sound Recording

Our people have the skills, training and technique needed to capture dramatic, crystal-clear sound both in the studio and on location. Believe me, your sound will be as beautiful – and engaging – as your video!

Immersive Technologies

Our VR, AR and 360-degree video team can use cutting edge immersive experience technologies to draw your audience in on a whole new level. We have the equipment, knowledge and raw talent we need to turn your concepts into something real. 

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